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Who are we?
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A group of players with many games played and a longstanding and deep interest in everything related to Military History. Our members come from Cadiz and Seville and we are proud to start this Andalusian and Spanish project in the field of strategy and simulation games.

Please let us introduce ourselves:

Francisco Ronco Poce (1969).
Game designer and producer. A Napoleonic fan for over 20 years. He is both the heart and manager of the team and has designed the four first game series that our company will start developing shortly.


Daniel Peña Rodríguez (1969).
An experienced rule and play tester. Our specialist “rules lawyer”, he's got a talent for spotting any weak point or unwanted side effect in a rule set. He is usually the first to read and test all our rules.


Ramón López Martín (1973).
An experienced gamer, game designer and play tester. Well known for his skill eliminating all game counters in play; both his and his opponent's...

Reyes Gallardo Gutiérrez (1978). Our newest gamer. A military history enthusiast as a hobby and a professor of physics at a secondary school by trade. She is an outstanding playtester, with a critical and analytic mind.

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