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Age of Muskets
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Age of muskets : introduction


"Age of muskets" is a set of rules designed to reflect warfare at operational level from late XVII Century to Napolenic times. The core of the system is C3i -Command, Control, Communication and Information. Fog of war and friction are also present to a high degree. Players are commanding officers that rule HQ´s and try to develop operations using the units at their disposal. The objetive of the system is to recreate "preindustrial warfare" at operational level with all its factors and events.

Every play consist in a serie of "game turns". Every game turn contains a number of activities and actions developed by both side´s forces on the mapboard. Every scenario last a couple of "game turns", at the end of the last one victory is checked. The campaing scenarios have been designed to be played casino by teams, also. The games can be played up to 6 players.


1 Strengh Point = 1.000 men (or 8-12 artillery pieces).
1 Turn = 1 month (or 15 days).
Mapboard 1:1.250.000 (1 cm=12,5 Km) -some can be of smaller scale. 
Unit size = Divisions and brigades (also counters for the HQ´s).



II) Mapboard. 
It depitcs a "Strategic Map" divided in zones that are use to regulate movements and the physical loaction of the playing pieces. Two zones are considered "adyacent" if they share at least one of their borderlines; zones that only contact each other in a corner are not considered adyacent. Terrain features are shown on the mapboard. They affect the course of play as stated in these rules and is indicated the Terrain Effects Chart printed on the map board.




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