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Searching for Glory
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Searching for Glory is a fast paced, easy to learn game in which players become famous characters of the Napoleonic Wars. Each volume of the series portrays a campaign, with every player taking the role of a General, they must pursue and earn Glory as measured in game terms, i.e. by scoring victories, capturing cities and fortresses and taking prisoners; but always trying to stay ahead of your colleagues and allies (there's nothing like being the first to present your captured enemy standards!). In each box you'll find several different scenarios, each of them with their own Glory and victory conditions. Fill all the flair and flavour of this romantic era in this balanced mix of war and role playing game.


Scale, variable depending on game and scenario.
1 strength point = 1.000 to 5.000 men
1 game "round" = 1 to 7 days
1 "march" distance = 1 to 7 days of marching
Units = Divisions/ Corps/ Armies



I) Game map 
Represents a strategic map with a network of “locations” connected by “lines of communication”, movement is conducted between different locations along these lines of communication. Every type of line of communication is printed in a distinctive colour.



II) Game counters 
There are two types: Military Forces and Markers.
II.1) Military Forces: either Combat Units (CU) or Strength Points (SP)
II.2) Markers: used to record relevant game information:

Glory Points: to count how much glory has earned each player.

Siege Points: used to resolve sieges.

Supply Trains: to determine who has supplies.

Demolished Bridge: fairly self-explanatory.

Fatigue levels: used to show the status of the combat units during operations.


III) Character cards..
Every card represents a character of the Napoleonic Age. Each player assumes the role of one of the greatest (or worst) generals of the time and will lead a Combat Unit, with his portrait printed, on the game map. His play will be influenced by the profile on his Character Card, this profile is defined by certain traits, both positive and negative. In their search for Glory, players should always reckon on their character profile in order to maximize their achievements.




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