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Campaign Commander
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The games of the Campaign Commander Series are designed to fulfil a triple goal: first to portray in a simple and re-playable way History's most famous campaigns, i.e. play should never be repetitive; second to allow that two players may play a game in a reasonable time, 2 or 3 hours; thirdly the game had to be fun, players should have to face the same dilemmas and take decisions very much like the real commanders had to do in real life.

Game scale is operational, and players are the field commanders of the armies involved. Objectives are already set, usually as Victory Points awarded once achieved certain conditions, and players must use their forces and resources in the best possible way to win.

Thus a correct resource management, decision making according to the capacity of your own forces and the influence of the unforeseeable, such as random events, accidents or just plain enemy action, define every game. The Series Rules outline the process of any game; however, Special Rules, Cards and Battle Chits modify and have precedence over the general rules. This system has been designed so that it is possible to recreate campaigns from the Antiquity to the XXI century. The game board is divided in zones, these zones regulate the displacement of combat forces and resources in the game. Both land and naval forces may be present depending on the particular campaign being represented.
The game mechanic is fast and highly interactive, players must choose between playing a card or launching a map operation. In the latter case, they must expend “Resource Points” on map that will let them move, fight, receive replacements and reorganise their combat units. However, these resources are limited and it is necessary to play cards in order to get more. On the other hand, cards may be also played to reflect events external to the theatre of operations, such as the arrival of reinforcements or certain tactical advantage in a battle.

Battles are resolved by a novel “Battle Chits” system that result in a high level of interactivity and makes possible a wide range of different outcomes. Each side has its own deck of cards and set of “Battle Chits” that reflect their own particular skills and defects. In sum, game designed for those who seek historicity but lack the necessary time or space to play bigger games...



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